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Quienes Somos

- Who We Are?

Guangzhou Golden—elephant Industry Production Company, founded in 1980, is a high—tech enterprise expertized in the research, development, design and manufacture of welding equipment. Headquartered in Jinxiang Industrial Park, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, it has a modern workshop, advanced production lines and testing equipment. Located in Liwan District, Guangzhou Sales Department specializes in sales and foreign trade and other external affairs. 

- Why We Are Called Golden Elephant?   

Gold, the chemical symbol is Au, which is originated from Rome and is the meaning of shining dawn. As the old saying: True gold fears no fire. Under the 3000 degree of high temperature, the gold won‘ t be oxidized, which also represents the quality of gold: insides equal with outsides and tenacity.

-  Elephant is the largest mammal on the land. It is not afraid of the attack and threat of the lion and tiger beasts, and is vegetarian and gentle. It helps the elephant baby, and the injured elephant with the nose, gives them gentle touch and comforts the elephants in adversity. This represents us with an elephant character: powerful, strong and kind.

-  The meaning of golden elephant is: marvelous quality, strong and kind, which represents our products and its quality, as well as the company‘s corporate culture of dealing with people for all time. Golden elephant has been focusing on welding equipment for 40 years. Solid and reliable, its quality lasts for a long time, which can help you to build a hundred—year project.


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