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Shipping & Return Policy

1. All the shipments terms base on the terms between seller&buyer's contract;

2. The products are based on seller's standards(agreed with the buyer before the buyer signed the contract), not include the furniture;

3. The package for the products in the contract is Seller's standard shipping package(Agree with buyer before buyer sigh the contract);

4. The products do not affect the use itself, which means they are qualified;

5. The seller promises that the quality of the goods in this order is in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and meets the relevant quality certification standards of the order ;

6. The order product is disposable products. Take photos to verify and record before delivery. After the buyer confirms, it is deemed to accept the quality of the product and meet the requirements of this order. After confirmation, the seller arranges delivery; 

7.The shipment terms will confirmed by the buyers before payment, and made in the contract,once payment made,the buyer should make the shipment depands on the contact terms;

8. Once the goods in this order have been confirmed and shipped, the buyer cannot be returned for any reason. If the goods are damaged due to logistics reasons, the seller must cooperate with the buyer to recover the relevant losses from the logistics party.

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