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Welding Methods For Aluminum Alloys

Tungsten argon arc welding

Tungsten argon arc welding is mainly used for aluminum alloys, which is a good welding method. However, tungsten argon arc welding equipment is complicated and is not suitable for operation under open air conditions.

welding,welding methods

Resistance spot welding, seam welding

This welding method can be used to weld aluminum alloy sheets with a thickness of 5 mm or less. However, the equipment used in welding is complicated, the welding current is large, and the productivity is high, and it is particularly suitable for the mass production of parts and components.

welding,welding methods

Pulsed argon arc welding

Pulsed argon arc welding can improve the stability during welding and can adjust parameters to control arc power and weld formation. The weldment has small deformation and small heat-affected zone, and is especially suitable for welding on thin plates, all-position welding, etc., as well as forging aluminum, hard aluminum, super-hard aluminum, etc. with high heat sensitivity.

welding,welding methods

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