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What Is Welding

welding, welding machine

Welding is simply a manufacturing technique that connects two parts into a single structure. It is called an industrial sewing machine. It is too small to manufacture an integrated circuit chip and to build an aircraft carrier. When it comes to welding, what usually comes to mind is the arc, the spark splash, the picture with the harsh noise, and the welder who sweats at high temperatures... However, in the Guangdong Institute of Welding Technology (Guangdong Zhongwu Research Institute) An experimental workshop has subverted the inherent impression of welding - it is spotless, quiet here, there is no welder here - up to 3 meters of robots to weld aluminum alloy materials, complete the "work tasks" in just a few minutes, No noise, no splash, no radiation. Behind this is Dong Chunlin, the Chinese Dean of the China-Ukraine Barton Welding Institute, and his team, who are committed to developing “green welding” technology, combining artificial intelligence with welding technology, and working with the research team of the Ukrainian Barton Institute to develop International advanced welding technology.

welding, welding machine

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